There’s no rhyme or no reason
No time of the season
Where you could possibly justify
Such a crime; such a treason
‘gainst humanity. No appeasing
The mind’s anxiety. It just defies

All logic and common sense
There can be no recompense
For a family robbed of a daughter
Who knows the full extent?
Of the loss of our innocence?
When fate randomly caught her

The suddeness; the brutality
On the banks of the canal, you see
In the middle of broad daylight
Shook us out of our banality
With a needless fatality
Overwhelming us with sadness & fright

Now an uncertainty remains
That will never change
As we slowly begin to come to terms
With this assault on our domain
That we’ve only started to reclaim
For ourselves in an effort to reaffirm

Our freedom to live & exercise
Wipe the tears away from our eyes
Get back out on the road again
We’ll regain our lost smiles
As we clock up the miles
And find some release from our pain

Embark on our long journey home
Seek healing and privately atone
For the parts we have unwittingly played
Through our silence & nervous laughter
Staying behind instead of walking past her
We can become authors of change


Morning folks! πŸ‘‹ How are ye all doing today? Hope you all had a lovely weekend?! πŸ€žπŸ™ Welcome back to my weekly Blog Goals for the Week Ahead where I set out my blog schedule and creative goals for the coming week! 😁 Hope you enjoy reading it and that it helps inspire you in some way! πŸ€žπŸ™

Okay, here goes! Nothing planned for tomorrow, Tuesday, as yet but as you know that can all change! πŸ˜πŸ‘ For Wednesday, I’ve another new poem in the works titled: NO RHYME OR REASON, inspired once again by the awful events that befall poor Aisling Murphy almost 2 weeks ago.

For Thursday we take our weekly trip down movie memory lane with some more re-views of my old cinema reviews from 2007. This Thursday we’ll be taking a look back at psychological thriller: THE RETURN, directed by Asif Kapadia and starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as well as ROCKY BALBOA, yet another instalment in the never ending ROCKY Franchise written; directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone.

On Friday we return to our Poetry Quotes Blog where I take a look at favourite poetry quote of mine; break it down; analyse it and apply it to our lives as poets and readers alike. This week we’ll be taking a look at the following quote: “What the world wants, what the world is waiting for, is not Modern Poetry or Classical Poetry or Neo-Classical Poetry β€” but Good Poetry. And the dreadful disreputable doubt, which stirs in my own sceptical mind, is doubt about whether it would really matter much what style a poet chose to write in, in any period, as long as he wrote Good poetry.” ~G. K Chesterton

On Saturday, I’m planning on responding to a poetry prompt from my regular haunt: entitled GRANNY’S KITCHEN asking the writer to write about a memory they have of their Granny’s Kitchen or to imagine what it’d look like. Should be a cool writing & memory exercise for me! πŸ˜πŸ‘

And finally, on Sunday, we’ll be doing our weekly blog round up with my Sunday Morning Blog Recap which will contain links to all the blogs I posted during the previous week! πŸ˜πŸ‘ Especially designed for all ye busy folk who don’t have the time to read all the blogs they follow.

That’s all for this week folks! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this, I sincerely hope it whets the appetite for you to return to my blogs during the week! πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ˜ Mind yourselves and take care! 😊❀️


Good morning folks! How are ye all doing today? Welcome back or for the first time to my Sunday Morning Blog Recap: a weekly round up of all my blog posts from the past week. Especially designed for all ye busy folk who might not have had time to keep up with all the blogs ye follow.

Anyways, let’s get cracking! First up, on Monday, was my Blog Goals for the Week Ahead where I set out my blog schedule and creative goals for the coming week. Here’s the link to it:

On Tuesday, I published a poem titled: “Fallen Leaf” which I had started a week before, the morning before the awful; tragic events which would befall poor Aisling Murphy. Turned out to be quite fitting. The link is here:

On Wednesday I wrote and published a reflective piece called “Looking Inside” examining the attitudes of men towards woman; why women are looking at us differently & men’s need to have a long; hard look at themselves. You’ll find the link to it here:

On Thursday, we took our weekly trip down movie memory lane with some more re-views of my old cinema reviews from 2007. This week we looked back to the Mayan Civilisation and the semi-historical tour de force that was APOCOLYPTO which was directed by the mercurial Mel Gibson. Here’s the link:

On Friday through our favourite poetry quotes blog, we reflected on how, in the darkest moments of our lives, poetry (art in general) is always there and can be a source of light to us. The link to it is here:

And finally, on Saturday, I wrote a poem called: “Tastes Like Melancholy” in response to a poetry prompt titled TASTE THE RAINBOW which asked us what our favourite colour was. Here’s the link to it:


Good morning folks! 😁 The poem below was inspired by a poetry prompt titled: Taste the Rainbow asking you what does your favourite colour taste like? From:

Red, Orange,
Yellow & Green
One of the most
Beautiful things
I have ever seen
Blue; indigo & violet
Colours of the rainbow
And the smile it
Always brings
With a kaleidoscope
Of colours in between
What is my favourite?
You ask
It is
And always has been
It tastes like melancholy
That has been left to stew
Over time
A groggy form of sad-ness
That’s hard to shake
From too much wine
A little bittersweet
Like lemon and lime
An uneasy flavour
To digest
On which to dine
With a healthy helping
Of mournful self-defeat
It’s hard to take
Leaves it hard to see
What’s best
Tastes like…
The beginning of madness

Ironic really
Given that
It lies somewhere
In between
Ered full of hope
Violet; yellow and green
Painted onto the sky
To remind us
Of a promise
Made long ago
That no more
Would we see
The world we live in
Flooded with rain
It eases the pain
Gives me strength
For the fight
Fills me with hunger
Stokes up my appetite
To taste more of the colours
Make more of my life
Appreciate nature
And all the wonderful sights
Come out of the darkness
Into the light


In the total darkness, poetry is still there, and it is there for you.

–Abbas Kiarostami (1940 – 2016)

To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist.

–Robert Schumann (1810 – 1856)

Morning folks! Welcome back to my Poetry Quote blog where I take a favourite poetry quote or 2 of mine; break it down; analyse it & apply it our lives: poet and reader alike. I came across the above quotes on a friend and fellow blogger’s blog a week ago. And they both struck me with their simplicity.

Let’s look at the first quote here. When you’re going through a terribly dark period in your life; you feel surrounded by it and can’t see a way out. Friends have let you down or not shown up for you; you’ve had an argument with your partner or significant other or they have left you; you’ve lost your job and maybe a family member or loved one has passed away! Our hearts can be broken; lives turned upside down and you’re struggling to get up out of bed in the morning. You’re looking for a light, something or someone who understands.

Yet I’ve found there to be one constant art form; one ever present source of expression that’s always there for you to offer hope; comfort and light, that never lets you down. That my friends is poetry! πŸ˜πŸ‘ In whatever form it takes, be it free verse; rhyme; limerick or haiku, or the myriad of other poetic styles out there to be used, poetry is always there!

It may not always be popular or “in fashion” but it’s consistently there for you to turn to when you need it. And I find this thought a tremendously reassuring; comforting and inspiring one! Like a good friend, without judgement or criticism, it offers you a pen to write with; a book to read; a listening ear; understanding mind and sympathetic heart. It gives you the time and the space to make sense of what’s happening to you; in the world even, to connect with the kindred spirit who wrote the poem that spoke to you or to express your turmoil; pain and confusion by writing one yourself.

Soon, your turmoil will turn into peace; the confusion into clarity; pain into healing & darkness into light and you’ll want to start sharing your poetry and this light with other poeple. This brings me nicely onto my next quote and point which Robert Schumann declares is to “bring light into the darkness of men’s hearts…” This is the artist’s purpose in life; our main goal! To bring light; understanding and hope into the darkest recesses of situations & lives. You just never know whose heart you’re going to touch or life you’re going to change because you were willing to bare your soul, be it on paper; canvas or through song. There’s people everywhere reading your poems; admiring your paintings and listening to your songs, that you will never know or never meet, simply because you shone a light on something for them through your words; pictures; music or voice. What you say resonates with them and has changed them. Be proud of that and continue to strive for that in your art!


Good morning folks! How are ye all doing? Welcome back to my weekly trip down movie memory lane which, this week, has 1 new re-view of an old review from 10/01/2007.

It’s called Apocolyto, an entertaining; historical-ish action flick and social commentary directed by the always charismatic Mel Gibson (Mad Max; Leathal Weapon) and set in the declining years of the Mayan civilisation. Featuring newcomer: Rudy Youngblood as the main character; Dalia Hernandez as his wife with Israel Contraras as the antagonist, the film goes along at a nice pace and authentic too with it’s use of Yucatec, a Mayan dialect.

Hope you enjoyed this cinematic road trip! πŸ™πŸ€žπŸ˜ It’s definitely worth a rewatch or a 1st time viewing if you haven’t seen it before. Until next week, mind yourselves and take care! πŸ™πŸ˜Š


There’s no doubt about it, but after last Wednesday afternoon’s tragic; shocking and completely unnecessary killing of Aisling Murphy on the Canal Bank line in Tullamore, women are going to look at men differently and more closely than ever before. And lads, let’s be honest, we deserve the scrutiny and lots of it as we haven’t exactly covered ourselves with glory lately have we?! Whether we’re comfortable with that or not is neither here nor there because we’ve been making women uncomfortable for years; for generations. I could feel it whilst down in the playground earlier today with my youngest daughter where 2 mothers were also present with their kids. Was it simply because a man was there? Who knows?!

There’s a palpable sense of trepidation; fearfullnes and awful anxiety there now amongst women in Ireland now that wasn’t there before or maybe it was and I nor the majority of Irish men didn’t see it. Or didn’t want to see it. 209 woman brutally murdered in Ireland in the the 20 years between 1996 & 2016. “63% of these were carried out in a woman’s home” ! Jesus lads! Is that not where a woman should feel safest? In her own home?! “In 164 of the cases that have come before the courts, 89 of the killers were a current or former intimate partner of the victim”. Should not her partner; boyfriend or husband be the main source of that safety? “21 were murdered by a male stranger” which seems to be the case with poor Aisling’s demise. I’m not making up these figures folks. They’re there for everyone to see at the link below.

Was this the event that broke the camel’s back, that made them say “enough is enough! We’re fed up of looking over our shoulders when out for a walk; a run or simply going about our daily business.” The crude; sexist remarks along with the leering; the sneering and jeering whilst women walk by simply becaue they think they can! Because they think women are easy targets.

Frankly it’s something that I’ve never been comfortable with possibly due to having a healthy supply of female influences on both sides of the family. And god help the girl or woman if they don’t acknowledge; appreciate or show gratitude for the” wonderful” attention they’re getting. That’s where it moves from the verbal to the physical leading to horrific injuries and heartbreaking fatalities which all stems from what I believe to be man’s perceived sense of ownership over a woman which is absolutely ridiculous given that women gave birth to us and brought us up! We don’t own women lads, they don’t belong to us. They are their own person with their own personalities & lives; hopes and dreams, one of which is not to be assaulted or insulted by you; your friends or any other men out there. We don’t need to be threatened by their independence, in fact we should do our best to support it and encourage it. My father, God rest his soul wasn’t perfect but he always encouraged my mum to follow her dreams and interests and believed in her even when she didn’t believe in herself and did what he could to facilitate mam getting the training or time she needed to achieve her goals.

So while women around Tullamore are looking at us; the whole country is looking at us. Dare I say it, the world even. How about we start looking inside ourselves (and I’m including myself in this as when I point the finger there’s 3 pointing back at me) guys and start examining our attitudes towards women; our behaviour towards women and see if there’s any of them that need changing or improving. Because nobody deserves to live in constant fear or have to go out in pairs or groups just so they can exercise or walk home from work. I’ve 2 daughters who are very independent little ladies and I’ve often promised to lock my girls away in a tower once they reach 12 years old once the boys start calling. And I’m only half joking because I’m a guy and I know how guys think! I worry about them growing up in this supposedly enlightened world we are currently living in where a lot of men think it’s okay to treat women like this. But that way of thinking has gotta stop & it’s got to change because one things for sure, it can’t stay the same.


Wrote this last Wednesday before the days tragic events unfolded yet as the week has gone by it has become strangely suited to the fleeting; brutal nature of life and what has just happened. Dedicated to all the fallen leafs out there! Hope it brings you some comfort or helps in some way. πŸ™πŸ€ž

Like a fragile leaf blown off the tree
Violently uprooted from it’s home,
She fluttered about in the wind.
Giving joy
Tossed to and fro
Up and down.
Yet full of vibrancy & colour.
Yet full of hope and warmth,
Till she eventually came to rest
Miles away from home
Atop the earthy soil
With it’s dew laden carpet of grass
Underneath which
We will all end up
Laying our heads
Sooner or later.


Good morning folks! Hope you all had a nice weekend?! πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ˜ Welcome back or for the first time to my weekly Blog Goals for the week ahead where I set out my blog schedule for and creative goals for the coming week.

Tomorrow on Tuesday, I plan on publishing a piece on how men will be and already are being looked at differently since the awful tragedy here in Tullamore last Wednesday! And deservedly so as we (including me) need to take a long; hard look at ourselves and our attitude towards women. Anyways that’s for tomorrow.

On Wednesday, I have a new poem for ye called FALLING LEAF which I began working on the previous week before last week’s tragic events. I sincerely hope ye like this one. πŸ™πŸ€žπŸ˜

On Thursday we return to our weekly trip down movie memory lane with just 1 new re-view of old cinema reviews from 2007. This week we look back at APOCOLYPTO, a (not entirely accurate) historical action flick from the inimitable Mel Gibson set in the declining years of the Mayan civilisation.

On Friday morning we have our Poetry Quotes blog where I take a favourite poetry quote of mine; analyse it and apply it to our lives. This week I’ll be looking at a quote I came across in a friend of mine’s blog concerning poetry always being there for us in the darkness.

Nothing planned for Saturday as yet but on Sunday I’ll be doing my weekly blog recap of all the blogs I posted during the previous week. This is for any of you with busy lives outside of the WordPress universe that might have missed some of them.

That’s all for this week folks! Enjoy the read and I hope you have a great week! πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ˜ Mind yourselves and take care!


Today was the first day I’ve walked any part of the canal in a few weeks & the 1st day I’ve been there since poor Aisling needlessly lost her life that fateful Wednesday afternoon. I looked on at the beautiful and extensive array of floral tributes at the entrance to Fiona’s Way, carefully reading the various heartfelt and poignant messages of sympathy mixed in with them. An overwhelming sadness descended upon me as I did this along with a realisation of the far reaching impact this awful tragedy has had, not only on the community of Tullamore, but on a nationwide level with bouquets of flowers hailing all the way from Antrim and Wexford to name but a few. There was an eerie silence about the place, a sombreness if you will, that can only have come about as a result of such a shocking; life-altering incident.

Yet there was also, it seemed to me anyways, a palpable air of quiet defiance that permeated the atmosphere. This was evidenced in the amount of folk who simply wanted to pay their respects to this beautiful soul that had captured our hearts and others who had came out of pure curiosity. But it could also be seen in the healthy numbers of people (women in particular) still going out for their daily or weekly walks; runs or cycles. It was a sort of dignified “fuck you!” to both the perpetrator of this deadly; heinous assault and the legacy of fear; hurt and trepidation it’s left behind. An effort to reclaim what had been a safe & sacred space of reflection and recreation from the clutches of evil and give it back to the community.

Though I hadn’t originally intended to do so, I suddenly felt compelled to walk with them. So I said: “fuck it, I’m going to walk this path too! I’m not going to bow my head to or succumb to this fear and insecurity that had crept into my conscious since Wednesday.” That fear that, if we let it, will stop us from doing anything or indeed changing anything. I walked and I walked and I walked along the pavement that Aisling’s feet had pounded, for the last time, just a few days earlier cautiously acknowledging or greeting fellow mourning pedestrians along the way, for fear I’d be intruding upon their grief.

I kept walking till I reached a checkpoint just shy of Boland’s Lock which I can only presume was the location where poor Aisling met her terrible fate. Greeted by more flowers and messages of condolences I uttered a silent prayer for Aisling beseeching my mam; dad and sister to look after this bright light and cursing the man who did this to her, to all of us! I turned around and went back the way I came, something Aisling never got to do!

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