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Anchored Red Boat; Island Beckons #WHATDOYOUSEE #WDYS #138

Image credit; Saffu @ Unsplash

For the visually challenged reader this image shows a red motor boat anchored near a quay. There is a small buoy floating near it. In the distance you can see a small island

Yes folks, it’s time of the week again where I write a poetic response to Sadje’s regular #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt. If you would still like to participate in it then you can access it through the following link:

To the Quay
This solitary
With nothing
But a floating buoy
For company
And a desolate island
In the background
(No man is an island
Yet no boat is meant
To be still)
Waits patiently
Yet screams out,
With it’s bright red attire,
To be taken for a ride
Across the waters
For a seafaring soul,
Thirsty for adventure,
To jump inside
Pull the chord
And speed away
To the island
Beckoning it to come

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