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This was written for and published last Thursday which was my wife’s Birthday. Hope you enjoy reading it! 🤞🙏😁

She’s the voice of reason
To my rhymes & treasons.
The glue for our adhesion
Despite the wounds
The diamond in my rough
Beautiful and tough
There is never enough
She can do.
She’s the breadwinner
The saint
To my sinner
The moonlight
That shimmers
In the dark
Periods of my life
My partner & wife
In spite of the strife
I’ve caused.
But this day’s about you
That much is true
Me & our beautiful brood
Want to wish
You a Happy Birthday
A time for a rare
Break. Maybe some play
Time for yourself?!
Nothing less than you deserve
How you handle life’s swerves
With heart; brain & nerves
Of steel
You’ve the gift of the gab
Something I’ve never had
Make life seem less drab
With a word
Add a healthy dose of humour
To lift the clouds of gloom or
Make this particular Hume-our
Hope you have a wonderful day
And the sun shines it’s rays
Upon your path and replaces
All your worries.
May it be full of presents
And the presence
Of loved ones & incessant
Happy memories aplenty
Multiplied by twenty
All the things meant we
To say
Coz when push comes to shove
It’s the ones that you love
(Bestowed from above)
That are the best gifts.

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