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“For this week’s prompt we were asked to write a poem/piece of prose in response this image which shows a hand emerging out of a vast body of water. Is it asking for help or waving to the world?” Below is my contribution. 👇👇

Claps of thunder
Reverberate through the sky
Dark clouds gather overhead
In a foreboding manner
Ready to burst
I steady the boat
And move slowly towards the bow
Scanning the ocean for any signs of life
I grow increasingly apprehensive.
I told her “not to jump in”
“It’s not a day out by the lakes”.
I said to her.
But does she ever listen?
“Rebecca?! Rebecca?!
Where are you?!”
I shout out!
Throwing my voice out
Into the vastness of the sea
To see where it carries
To see if anyone can hear
So I switched on the motor
Was about to pull the rip chord
And turn the boat around
When suddenly!
I heard an awful gurgling scream
And turned around
To see a hand
Push through the water’s surface

Hope ye enjoyed that folks! 🙏🤞 If you’d like to participate in it then you can access it through the following link:



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  1. Nicely done Ken. I can’t swim so I wear a life jacket. I know not very cool looking at least in a pool I can stay in the shorter end. I do love the ocean. Have an amazing week my friend.

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    1. Ha! Thanks very much Joni! Can only swim a few lengths myself. And even at that I only learned to do so in my 20’s. I would be lost and fearful in the middle of an ocean of I had to swim though. So I keep to the swimming pools and the edges of the sea.

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      1. Well that sounds like me. At least you can swim, good for you. I almost drowned in the ocean when I was little and I think I have always just been scared. The Atlantic Ocean is notorious for rough currents. Nothing wrong with being safe. 🦋❤️

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      2. Nothing wrong with it at all Joni, especially with such a vast force of nature that is the ocean. Yeh, a friend of my mother’s paid for lessons for me. As my mam would have been afraid of the water due to an accident she had when she was young.

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