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ENOUGH THYME: d’Verse Poetics – Spicing it Up.

For this week’s d’Verse Poetics Prompt, we’ve got something spicy and flavoursome from merrildsmith who encourages us to cook up a tasty poetic treat with a selection of 3 or more ingredients from the 25 listed on the page (check link below). I chose Thyme; Sea Salt; Sesame Seeds; Nutmeg & Cumin.


Sometime I feel a bit lost
Lost at sea
A sea full of salt
Sea salt! Yes, sea salt.
That’s what I need.
I could use it to flavour
A “big bird” to eat
Wait! Isn’t he a character in a cartoon?
Can you tell me how to get?
How to get some “Sesame Seeds”?
On wholemeal bread
But I digress
It’s all a mess
I won’t have enough Thyme
Or ingredients
To cook the meal
Or complete this rhyme
In time to watch the match
With a tasty selection of
Crossfield balls and nutmegs
To get you salivating
And tickle your footie taste buds
Cumin in and have a bite

If you’d like to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link:


27 thoughts on “ENOUGH THYME: d’Verse Poetics – Spicing it Up.

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  1. You definitely had fun with the prompt! I liked the sort of stream-of-consciousness of the poem–lost at sea, to sea full of salt, to needing sea salt for flavor.
    Thank you for participating!

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  2. And the puns kept coming!! It was a “Taste of Home” as this would be the routine conversation around the dinner table – sons# 1 & 2 and their father often end up in a battle of puns! Your poem was the perfect appetizer!

    Liked by 1 person

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