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Evening folks! Hope ye all had a lovely weekend! πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ˜ Welcome back to my weekly Blog Recap with links to all the blogs I posted during the previous week. Especially designed for those of you who have busy lives outside of the WordPress blogosphere. So, let’s get cracking!

On Monday; Wednesday and Friday mornings as well as Saturday evening I posted my 4 motivational running quote of the week for ye! Here are the links to them:

Also on Monday, I posted my usual Blog Goals for the Week Ahead where I set out my blog schedule and creative goals for the coming week. The link to it is here:

On Tuesday, I published the first of my 6 poems for the week titled CANINE ANXIETY; IMPAIRED BY FEAR. It was inspired by my youngest daughter’s fear of dogs. The link to it is below:

Later that day I shared the 2nd of my poems, this one called LOST IN COLOUR. It was written in response to Sadje’s latest #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt. You’ll find the link below:

Then, on Wednesday I published the 1st of my d’Verse poetry prompts titled Bell Jar written in response to their Quadrille Prompt asking us to compose a poem of 44 words using the word Bell or a variation thereof. Here’s the link to it:

On Thursday I posted my d’Verse Poetics response with a piece called LUNAR SOJOURN. Here’s the link:

Which was followed up by STUPENDOUS APPENDIX, written for Moonwashed Weekly Prompt. The link to it is below:

Early today I posted my final poem of the week titled: OPPOSITE OF LIGHT written in response to Sami Scribbles Weekly Writing Prompt and Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday.

To wrap it all up I posted my weekly Poetry Quotes Reflection titled: INTERIOR & EXTERIOR COMMONALITY; UNSETTLING RADICAL QUESTIONING a couple of hours later. Here’s the link to it:



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