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Hey folks. How are ye all doing? Nearing the end of my 2 week blog break but wanted to share with you a new poem called HAPPINESS which I wrote especially for New Years! Wishing ye all the happiest and most productive of New Year’s where you strive to grow as a person and do what makes you genuinely happy & gives you purpose. Not what other people; media or society expect of you!


I want to wish you all a Happy New Year
But not a Happiness rooted in fear
(That leads to tears)
Fear of unfulfilled resolutions
Serving as intrusions
Weighing you down with illusions
Of personal progress
That’s only the process
To make you grow less.
Nor a happiness based
on the latest fitness regimes
Or get rich quick schemes
Leeching on fragile self-esteems.
Instead, I wish you a happiness based
On who you are right now
As each day takes a bow
Forgiving & proud
Of yourself
At the same time
Be patient & kind
Not stuck in some
Perpetual state of rewind.
All I ask of you is that…
The things you talk about
Wanting to do. Then get out
And do them, without
Procrastination or excuses
Self reproach it induces
Perfection is elusive.
Don’t let the possibility
That you might fall
Hinder you from beginning or stall
Just give it your all
Leave it all on the line
Put in the grind
And soon you will find
That happiness will come
Irregardless of the outcome
Because you took a punt
You took a chance
Embraced the romance
Stepped into the dance
That is this life.


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  1. Yes! Thank you for this! “Instead, I wish you a happiness based
    On who you are right now’β€”YES! The message this time of year is “you aren’t good enough, make plans to be better.” While I’m always striving to grow, I’ve found it’s incredibly important to love myself and protect myself from negative self talk no matter where I am on my journey.

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