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1 year ago to the day I put on my runners for the first time in over 11 years and began running again. After years of excuses & reasons why not I got back out on the road and found out that I can do the thing I thought I couldn’t do. And that completing a run is the 1 of the most rewarding and satisfying feelings a person could ever obtain.

I’ve discovered that all you need to do is to get out & run; sweat (if you’re doing it right); smile and enjoy yourself while you’re doing it. Then repeat the process the next day or day after. It’s one of the most natural & liberating form of exercise you can do in the world and it doesn’t cost a damn thing!

It’s made me fitter; stronger (physically & mentally); more focused & energized; gave my head a good clear out and renewed my enthusiasm for running & life in general. Alongside publishing a poetry book and my 2 girls, it’s been one of my proudest achievements! 😊😊😁😁


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