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Morning folks! Hope ye all had a lovely weekend! 🤞🙏😁 Welcome back to my weekly Blog Goals for the Week Ahead where I set out my blog schedule and creative goals for the coming week. So, without further ado.

First up today, after this blog of course, will be my 1st motivational running quote of the week followed by 3 more on Wednesday; Friday & Saturday morning. Hope they will inspire you all in some way. 🤞🙏🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️😁

Then tomorrow, I plan to publish 2 poems for ye’re enjoyment. The first one of which will be titled AFFECTIONATELY HEADSTRONG inspired by my youngest girl: Ava! 😁 This will be followed by my response to Sadje’s latest #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt. If you want to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link:

On Wednesday, I hope to publish another poem which will be written in response to d’Verse’s latest Quadrille Prompt.

Then on Thursday, I plan to recite the poem I wrote around this time last year titled LOVE IS… for my Throwback Thursday series of Poetry Readings which for the next 3 weeks is going to feature readings on the subject of love & loss. Then later in the day I’ll be posting my response to d’Verse’s latest Poetics Prompt

On Friday I hope to respond to some of the other prompts on here such as Moonwashed Weekly Prompt; Reena’s Xploration Challenge &/or WeaveWrittenWeekly over at the Skeptic’s Kaddish. And maybe return to my Poetry Quotes reflection blog?!

On Saturday, we’ll have one more poem for the Week which will be followed up by my regular Blog Recap on Sunday with links to all the blogs I posted during the previous week. Hope you enjoyed the read and come back next Monday for more of the same. 🤞🙏😁📖



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