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Love is patient
Love takes time
Love is
A conversation
An attribute
Of the divine
Love is hopeful
Love is kind
Is not an invitation
To be blind.
Love sees your flaws
And rewinds
Still chooses
To be intertwined
Love is painful
Love is sublime
Love is
Surrendering control
With your heart
And your soul
Love comforts
And consoles
And cajoles
Love is more than just a word
An abstract concept
A romantic notion
An indulgence in the absurd
A noble ideal to aspire to
Or an event that occurred
Nor is it the grand gestures
The public declarations
Of undying affection
Love is acceptance
Love is rejection
Love is heartbreak
And introspection
is sometimes
A change of direction
Love is
Taking a chance
Throwing the dice
A bit of romance
Mixed in with some spice
Changing your stance
A little sacrifice
is all the things you can’t see.
All the things we fail to
Yet try to be
The little things.
The everyday things
The jobs you hate to do
But do all the same
Love can set you free
Love is getting up earlier
Going to bed later
Love is all the things you do
Rather than say.
Without making it known
Love is trying to prove
Your affection everyday
When you are prone
To taking them for granted
Love is
Never being alone
Never condones
Tries it’s best
To atone
Works itself
To the bone
To make a house
A home
Love is messy
And tough
On its own
Is never enough
As love always
Puts in the work
Love is losing your way
And finding your way back
When you got stuck
Because someone prayed
For what you lacked
Someone stayed put
Till you got back on track
Love is a silent embrace
When words won’t suffice
Love is biting your tongue
Instead of starting a fight
Love is getting up
In the middle of the night
Cleaning up the sick
Not baulking at the sight
Admitting you’re wrong
When you think you’re right
It is staying put
When you want to take flight
Love is making mistakes
Getting up and going again
Love is picking up the pieces
Pushing through the pain
Of a broken heart
And carrying on
Without complaint
Going back to the start
Love is….
Grief & heartache
Feeling safe
And everything else in between
We only feel these emotions
Because of love
All powerful
An unusual marriage
Of anxiety and peace
That over time
Can in or de-crease
Time to iron them out
Love never retreats
Never wallows in defeat
Makes you complete.

LOVE IS… was first written & published by me: Ken Hume this time last year: 14/02/2022 reflecting on the various aspects of love.

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