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WOMAN (MORE TO YOU THAN MEETS THE EYE) International Women’s Day

Hey folks! Below lies a poem especially written for International Women’s Day, of which there should be 365 of them! πŸ‘ Hope ye enjoy the read and share it with the special women in your life! πŸ€žπŸ™πŸ˜



You gave us life
Sat with us through the night
Partner & wife,
You knit families together
Love beyond all measure
Give us memories to treasure


You fed us & raised us
Protected & praised us
Nurtured and graced us
With your wisdom & strength
Would go to any length
For the people that meant
The most to you.


Always more to you than meets the eye
Hidden depths if we’d only try
Not to understand the when’s & why’s.
But to just let you be you, see,
In all your emotional complexity
Beautiful; serene & fierce


Vast as the mighty ocean
Swallowing us up with your devotion
Captivating us with your potions
These magic spells you apply
To our hearts and minds
Invisible to the naked eye


We’re entirely lost without you
Cry tears. Are distraught about you
When you’re hurt as we don’t know how to
Bare our heart and our souls
Give you comfort and console
You’re beyond our control.


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