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This week Sadje encouraged us to write a piece based on this image which shows a bird’s nest outside a birdhouse holding four white and black speckled eggs. You can see a few flowers, sticks, and a vase on the side of the nest. Here’s my contribution:


Your hair is like a bird’s nest
Speckled with twigs & leaves
And new life wrapped in a shell
Black and white
A knotty; forested mess
You spend so much time
Decorating this little corner
For your avian friends,
Even making a small house
For them to feed & rest
With some pretty flowers & a vase
That some would go as far as saying
You’re away with the birds
But my friend, I digress
And the fairies, might disagree
For this particular bird
Composing this rhyme
Has found a home here
I’m happy to confess

Should you wish to participate in it then you can access it through the following link:

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