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Wish that I could’ve frozen time

Halted it completely in its tracks

Made it that the bells wouldn’t chime

That you wouldn’t fade to black

Wish I could’ve wrapped you

And your fragile little frame,

Stooped in humble service

Like a perpetual prayer,

up in cotton wool

In bubble wrap

In my arms

Breathe fresh life

Into your lungs

But cancer had set its trap

Aggressively it had struck

And your body slowly wasted away

To mere skin & bone

As if you were made to atone

For some ancient sin

You’d buried deep within

A thought I scarce can entertain

For it would stain

Your memory

Your legacy

You were too pure

Too gentle

For this earth

Hope you find the peace

You’re looking for

To make your sacrifices



Wish that I could freeze time

Halt it completely in its tracks

Get a marker & draw a line,

Across which you cannot pass

For fear that you might get older

Grow up too soon

Lose your childlike innocence

For you’re too young to shoulder

Such burdens.

If that makes any sense.

Put together your very own

Wardrobe to Narnia

Where you’ll never grow old

Or succumb to disease

Where you’ll never be told

What to do

Or have to appease

You’ll sit on the throne

Guided by the great lion

And rule your kingdom

With kindness and compassion

Love and wisdom

Strength & dignity

For the whole of your life








3 years ago on Monday, the 14th of February, the most love-laden day of the year, a light went out. That light was my mum and the darkness which swallowed her up was, our familiar foe: cancer. My father, who passed a few years before and ever the romantic, came to take her home to be with him for the ultimate celebration of love.

A slight woman at the best of times, the cancer proved more than her increasingly frail body could bear with the 1st & last course of chemo leading us down the palliative care route. The care; attention & love she received in the wonderfully inviting; open spaced and welcoming environs of Esker Ri Nursing Home, Clara and in the oncology unit in Tullamore General Hospital was 2nd to none and gave her much comfort in what turned out to be the final few months of her life.

A beacon of light in a dark and murky world, my mum offered guidance; insight; wisdom or just an alternative perspective to everyone who came to her for advice; direction or simply a listening ear. She often dubbed this alternative perspective as being a devil’s advocate if you will, often making you look at things from a different viewpoint.

She was an oasis of calm; consistency and serenity, in an often chaotic; confusing and constantly changing world, drawing you out of yourself with her own quiet; patient and gentle manner. The comfort; solace and courage to go on you would receive as a result of talking to her couldn’t be measured or bought and you’d walk away from her nearly always feeling better about yourself. Just like the master cards adds say: “priceless!” And she was priceless; eternally minded and pure of heart with absolutely no ulterior or selfish motives. She served others & put them first because she found pleasure in it, never looking for anything in return, simply because it was the right thing to do. Even if it came at a sacrifice to herself.

Perhaps it was because she was grounded with a deep; unwavering and quietly prayerful faith which found its expression in her founding the Eucharistic Adoration 25 years ago which has touched, god knows, how many people’s lives and has left an enduring legacy that will last far beyond her 77 years. She just had this peace about her and you always knew what you were going to get when you came to talk to her which would put you at ease straight away

Indeed, she was many things to many people as the apostle Paul says in Romans: “That by some means she might save some”. And she saved many folks along the way. A loyal; generous and kind friend, a trustworthy; diligent and caring colleague & nurse, a deep thinking; reflective and talented wordsmith, a compassionate; emphatic and wise counsellor and an incredibly loving; nurturing; encouraging and patient mum; daughter and sister who inspired and spurred us all on to be true to ourselves and do whatever makes us happy.

Triona, my mum, our mum and friend and confidante will be deeply; sadly, and greatly missed by the many people who knew her or who had the privilege of having met her throughout the course of their journey and hers. The lives of her colleagues; friends; family and neighbours will never be the same again. Our hearts are broken yet somehow, better and bigger for having had her in our lives.

Easter Rising of My Heart

(Rebellion of Love)

On 29th April 1916,
After 6 days of ferocious fighting
Heavy losses; bloodied pavements
Battered ideals
Padraig Pearse agreed
To the unconditional surrender of arms
To the British Army.
They had made their statement
To the world.
Fiercely they had fought their fight,
Shed their blood
Then bravely laid down their lives
In the hope for a new; liberated Ireland.

100 years later
(Tired of waging constant war with myself
Of battling the darker side of me
Rebelling against the intimacy I craved
Keeping everybody at arm’s length
For fear of getting hurt)
On 29th of April, 2016, I Ken Hume
Agree to the unconditional surrender
Of my arms… my legs, my mind,
Heart, body and soul
To the ruler of my Island
President of my Republic
To the Queen of my Empire.
Anne-Marie Stones.

Royal, Unbowed
I will gladly bow to the knee to her.
My very own Countess Markievicz
Fiery; principled; headstrong
Courageous and compassionate
Willing to sacrifice herself
For the greater good of others
Willing to die for her beliefs
Willing to stand up
For the rights and liberties
Of those less fortunate than herself

This is the Easter Rising of my Heart
For this Easter Rising I will start
A Rebellion of Love
A Rebellion that will shove
Back all the foreign forces
That have invaded my soul
And sought to take control
A Rebellion
That will break down the walls
I’ve built around my heart
I will now gladly surrender
I will now gladly empty my guns
And lay down my arms
I will stop fighting
I will wave the white flag
And embrace the very thing
Of which I’ve lived in fear
The vulnerability of loving completely
And of being loved.

In the Easter Rising of my Heart,
I was shot.
Fatally wounded by her unconditional love
For me.
A bullet of undying affection forever lodged in my heart
A new; liberated me emerged from the rubble
Dead to self.
Alive to love.

This is the Easter Rising of my Heart
For this Easter Rising I will start
A Rebellion of Love.”

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