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Hey folks! Welcome back to my weekly Blog Recap with links to all the blogs I posted during the previous week. Especially designed for those of you who have busy lives outside of the WordPress blogosphere! 👍😁 So, without further ado.

First up, on Monday gone by, I published my 1st poem of the week titled: CERAMIC OR BUST written in response to Sadje’s latest #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt. You can access it through the following link:

On Tuesday I posted 2 poems, the first of which was titled: EM-BOLD-EN, composed in response to d’Verse’s most recent Quadrille Prompt which encouraged us to write a piece using the word: BOLD or a variation thereof. Here’s the link to it:

This was followed up by my attempt at a Tanka Tuesday image prompt where Colleen encouraged us to write a poem in response to a wintry; snow themed image titled SNOWCAPPED BEAUTY. You’ll find the link to it below:

Then on Wednesday I published a poem titled: CHASING DREAMS written in response to a combination of d’Verse’s latest Poetics & Wea’ve Written Weekly’s prompt on the theme of Visions & Dreams respectively. Here’s the link to it:

On Thursday I returned to my motivational running quotes blog posts with a quote encouraging us to KEEP GOING. You’ll find the link to it here:

This was followed up later in the day with my 5th poem of the week titled: PROVOCATIVE LITERARY AGITATION written in response to a Moonwashed Weekly Prompt. Here’s the link to it:

Then on Saturday I posted my final blog posts of the week with a motivational running quote and a Ragtag Daily Prompt poem (titled BLURRING THE LINES) respectively. Here’s the links to them:

That’s all for this week folks! Thanks for stopping by taking the time to read and comment on my posts. Your support and feedback is much appreciated! 🙏😊😁

CERAMIC OR BUST – Sadje’s #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt #168

Image credit: Cottonbro Studio @ pexels


Eyes slanted downwards
In deep; still reflection
For fear she’d BUST the bubble
Of history surrounding her.
Heads of philosophical greats
Sculpted in stoic; ceramic silence
Set atop a concrete perch
Searching for a little of their
Wisdom & insight
Gravitas & dignity
Perhaps to carve out
Her own unique place
In the annals of time
An intellectual giant
In her own right.
Then someday
Might carve out a sculpture
Of her
To gaze silently upon passers-by
And to be gazed at in return
In hushed; reverential
And inquisitive tones

Should you wish to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link: 👇👇👇

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