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KEY TO FREEDOM – Reena’s Xploration Challenge #257


Locked up again
And behind bars
An unwelcome case of deja vu
These orange jumpsuits
And cold concrete surroundings
Were becoming all too familiar
Jason put up his feet
Sat back & closed his eyes
Like he was at home
This was the best he could hope for.
Ron leaned forward
(Hands resting on his lap)
With a glum; angry expression
On his furrowed brow.
The doors of their minds locked,
Like their bodies
Resistant to change
Incapable of breaking free
Chronically unable
To live a different kind of life.
Chris, however
Open book in his hand
Appeared content: determined
Smug almost
And completely engrossed
In his reading material
Until his eyes fixed
On one particular quote
Then it seemed like
A light bulb came on
And the lock opened
He suddenly realised
What he needed to do
To be free.

Should you wish to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link:


2 little goldfish
Little aquatic souls
Ursula and Cupcake
Swimming in a bowl
Over and over again
Floating around in circles
Always with a certain sense
of deja vu
What to do
I’ve been here before
But there is no window
There is no door
Blowing bubbles
Flexing our fins
Darting this way
And that
Till the humans throw in
Some flakes into the water
So we come to the surface
Sucking up the food
Is this our purpose?
It’s not the same
As the deep blue
Of the ocean
Always in motion
Can swim anywhere
But there’s always the chance
We could be eaten
Be another fishes dinner
In the great expanse
So we’ll just have to console
Ourselves with going around
In circles in this fish bowl
Waiting for something profound
To happen.
Aren’t we all?!

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