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Hey folks! Below lies my poetic response to the awful impact of the massive earthquake in Syria & Turkey currently playing out on our TV screens. 👇


The earth shook violently
Venting it’s anger
And buildings collapsed
Tumbling down
Like a deck of concrete cards
The poeple quake in fear
Scurrying; scrambling for safety
Only to be buried
Neath the piles of rubble
Rescuers digging them out
With their bare hands
For that’s all
Their resources allow.
Over 5,000 dead
With more expected
This natural disaster,
Wracking up fatalities
Faster than points
On a pinball machine
In countries already
Crippled & besieged
By war; hunger & disease
It scarcely seems natural
Or fair. All this loss
All this suffering
At the tectonic whim
Of earth’s fragile; shifting plates
And we look on
Maybe even a little upset
From our tablets; phones
And TV screens
At this tragic occurrence
That’ll barely measure
0.1 on the Richter scale
Of our daily lives.

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