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For this week’s Ragtag Daily Prompt, I’ve composed a poem comprising of Saturday and Sunday’s prompt titled RESTLESS SOUL; UPROOTED. Hope that ye enjoy the read! 🙏🤞😁📖


Jenny was a travelling soul
A helpless sojourner
Unable to rest
And always on the move
Never putting down roots
Or staying in a particular town
For any meaningful length of time.
Nor forming any friendships
Or intimate attachments
For fear she’d get too settled
And have to uproot her family
Young girl and baby boy
She grew up in an orphanage
Having never knew her own parents
You can’t miss what you never knew,
I suppose.
“They both died in a car crash
While her mum was in labour.”
Or so she’d been told.
This left her without any roots
Or sense of home & place
And a gigantic hole in her heart

One of the few things the nuns
Had taught her however
Was how to plant stuff.
Flowers; trees & plants
Of all shapes; sorts & sizes
Potatoes; carrots; parsnips etc
Which they would then sell to the local farmers market.
All with the hope of teaching the kids to be self sufficient
They all had a home,
A place where they laid down roots; grew and blossomed into what they were meant to be.

Why couldn’t she do the same?
What was she so afraid of?
Jenny knew that
She’d have to settle down eventually.
For the sake of Jesse & Harper at least
It wasn’t fair on them, this constant moving around.
Every couple of weeks, it was somewhere new.
It was exhausting!
They took it in good spirits but you can tell it’s taking it’s toll!
But it was hard to quell
This restless spirit inside her.
This search for adventure
And those itchy feet,
Well they needed to be scratched.

Should you wish to participate in the prompts then you can access them through the following links:


Some friends will come
Some friends will go
Some friends will stay the same
Some friends will stump
Some friends will grow
With you, while others will change
For the worst
Some friends will hold
Fast in the to and fro
Of life. While others will run away.
At the first sign of trouble
When you need them the most
Because they can’t handle the rain
Where your real friends
Will come to the fore
And walk with you through the flood,
The fire and the snow
Without fear or second thoughts
Of getting wet or burnt or
Caught in an avalanche
Because they’re loyal;
Steadfast and true
Even when you’re struggling
Even when you’re blue
You know that they’re just
A phone call away
A text message or WhatsApp
Whatever you’re way
Of keeping in touch
You know they’re there
When it all gets too much
They’ll give you your space
Won’t pressure or push
Support your decisions
Be they bad or good
Pick you up when you fall
As good friends should
I’m lucky enough
To have friends such as these
Who’ve stood the test of time
Who I don’t need to please
They know who they are
They know where I’ve been
The ugly side of me
They have too often seen
And yet they still choose
Me as their old friend
And I guess they will be
Until the very end.

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