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For the visually challenged reader, the image above shows a person making some notes on a piece of paper, placed on top of some sheet music.


Musical love notes
Trying to compose…
Placing my hand on the paper
To steady it
I look for the envelope
Where I already wrote
Your place of abode
As I seek to address
My feelings for you
Through song
As I seek to confess
My love for you
Which grows strong
Despite the distance
And your insistence
That we don’t meet
I start to fret
And pray it’s not unrequited
That you will not fight it
That these musical chords
And ink stained words
(It’s all I can afford)
Will tie us closer together
Across the ocean
Stamped with a lyrical potion.
And all my devotion
Hopeful of a melodic reply
Not another reason why
Our song will fall flat
That our notes are whole
Sharp and in tune
And all that.
You’d come to expect
From musical love notes
And the emotion they reflect.

If you’d like to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link:

Dear Dad


Dear Dad,

I really don’t know what to say

So I thought I’d write you a letter to give you a play,

By play account of my regard for you, as is the way

When Father’s are lauded throughout the land on this solitary day

Dear Dad,

One day in the year just ain’t enough

To bring to mind and thank you for all the fatherly stuff

You’ve done for me, so generously, without asking for so much

As a penny or a cent in return, even when times were tough

Dear Dad,

You’ve always encouraged me, even when you did not understand

Though your hopes for me, may not have turned out as you planned

When the world enforces upon me it’s unforgiving definition of a man

Being true to myself and my gift is the only thing you demand

Dear Dad,

You demand much less than you deserve

And command much respect with admiration in reserve

Leaving fond memories with those whom you have served

Now, I get to create my own memories of you in your favorite preserve

Dear Dad,

I treasure the times we spend on the barstool seat

Sitting beside each other and propping up our feet

As we contemplate and talk about the things that make life sweet,

I listen to you dig another story from the vault of malt and wheat

Dear Dad,

I feel like I’m making up for all this lost time

I’ve spent chasing spiritual satisfaction in the Bible’s dated lines

Now, I’m slowly finding redemption in the timeless confines

Of a father’s acknowledgement and a Corona with lime

Dear Dad,

If only I could sum up how much you mean to me

How much like you, I’ve always strived to be

But, the more I think about it, the more I start to see

That capturing this bond could take an eternity

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