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Running Free

Morning folks! 😁 The past few weeks I’ve been back on the road running again. It’s been a good few years since I’ve done it and here’s a poem inspired by my experiences! Hope that ye enjoy the read! 🙏🤞😁

Runnin’ down the street
Runnin’ down a dream
Running to the beat
Of the pavement under my feet
Steady rhythm of my breathing

Running like a stream
Running to be healthy
Not running to be seen
Running, it’d seem
Is a source of self-esteem

Running to a theme
Running, so serene
Running in between
The lines marked out for me
On the grass so green

Running through the pain
Running off my disdain
Running in order to regain
A sense of purpose again
Keep me the right side of sane

Running fills up the lungs
Running because it is fun
Running straight into the sun
Running whenever I feel spun
Out or come a little undone

Running up the hill
Running for the thrill
Running with all my will
Till I come to a standstill
Till I’ve had my fill

Running by the sea
Runnin’ to be free
Running forward, no retreat
Till I finally complete
The race set out for me

In the right direction
My reluctance ceases
My stride lengthens
My pace increases
My body strengthens
As my mind releases

Postitive endorphins
And feel good vibes
That’ve begun to morph in-
to a rediscovered sense of pride
Time to put on those runners
And go outside


Wish that I could’ve frozen time

Halted it completely in its tracks

Made it that the bells wouldn’t chime

That you wouldn’t fade to black

Wish I could’ve wrapped you

And your fragile little frame,

Stooped in humble service

Like a perpetual prayer,

up in cotton wool

In bubble wrap

In my arms

Breathe fresh life

Into your lungs

But cancer had set its trap

Aggressively it had struck

And your body slowly wasted away

To mere skin & bone

As if you were made to atone

For some ancient sin

You’d buried deep within

A thought I scarce can entertain

For it would stain

Your memory

Your legacy

You were too pure

Too gentle

For this earth

Hope you find the peace

You’re looking for

To make your sacrifices



Wish that I could freeze time

Halt it completely in its tracks

Get a marker & draw a line,

Across which you cannot pass

For fear that you might get older

Grow up too soon

Lose your childlike innocence

For you’re too young to shoulder

Such burdens.

If that makes any sense.

Put together your very own

Wardrobe to Narnia

Where you’ll never grow old

Or succumb to disease

Where you’ll never be told

What to do

Or have to appease

You’ll sit on the throne

Guided by the great lion

And rule your kingdom

With kindness and compassion

Love and wisdom

Strength & dignity

For the whole of your life







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