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5. Where did you get the idea for your Daydreaming as a Profession blog site? Was it something you’ve always wanted to do? And how long has it been in existence?
Daydreaming is and was always my favorite activity. And the one I’m really good at (because it happens effortlessly). I’ve been doing it all my life, but never thought I could create something tangible from it.
Now pretty much every poem is the result of daydreaming.
Growing up, I’ve often been told that I daydream too much. The Romanian expressions for daydreaming sound something along the lines of, “to dream with one’s eyes open,” and my personal favorite, “to dream of green horses on the walls”.
Goodness, I can’t recall how many times I’ve heard that in my life. If someone could show me snapshots of my life, 85% of them would probably be of me holding a fixed stare into empty space (or on the walls) and not moving a muscle, while a universe of events went on through my mind. That’s daydreaming.
Now I do it as an adult in the office at work. There’s no one there to tell me to stop looking at green horses on the walls, so I do it all the time. I forget completely about the CCTV cameras that I have to supervise for some long moments and drift into daydreaming (most of which would be influenced by events that happened in the casinos).
After doing this for a long time, I thought to myself, “Hmm… it’s like I’m finally being paid to daydream. All those teachers who scowled and scolded me for doing it should see me now. I’ve turned daydreaming into a profession…”
That’s where the name for my website came from. Since the writings are a result of daydreaming, I thought why not?
The idea to start the blog was also quite random. It came to me in the summer of 2019.

Since the days of studying English from PDF books, I always thought that having a website of one’s own was quite awesome, so I daydreamed about it. I wanted to have a website of my own, though I never knew what I’d fill it with.

2019 was a time when I completely got rid of rhymes in my poetry. I wrote only free verse, thinking that only the message matters, and the way it’s presented in simply doesn’t. So I stopped carrying about what my poems looked like aesthetically and focused solely on what they had to say. It was at that time that people started responding positively to them. I started sharing on a website called Hello Poetry and the comments were overwhelmingly positive. It was a very small community though. But I remember that one of the members kept advertising their poetry on their blog, so I thought, “Hey, that’s quite the awesome idea! I’ll share my poems on my own blog.”
I’ve built websites in high school before, so I had the basics, but WordPress was easier than I’d ever thought. I can’t recommend it enough for people who want to make their writings seen. The best part about WordPress is the community.

6. Your poems are regularly published over on the Gobblers/Masticadores WordPress site. Is there something about them that draws you to work with them over any other publishers/sites?!
I’ve been featured by many other publishers, but indeed never so much as with Gobblers/Masticadores and MasticadoresIndia.
Yes, there is definitely something special about them. Unlike with other publishers who are strictly all about business, Masticadores makes you feel like part of a big family, rather than a business associate. This can make all the difference in the world.

7. Have you had any of your poems published in hard copy? Which format do you prefer to use to get your writing out there into the world?!
Yes, I have a poetry book titled “Pour the Whiskey Over My Heart and Set It On Fire” published with Horror Sleaze Trash. It’s available for purchase only in hard copy.
Also I have the self-published project “The Muse’s Bad Touch” which is available both in print and e-book.
As for the preferred format, well, I guess we can all agree that as long as the message gets out there, it matters not in what form.

8. What’s next for Bogdan Dragos and Daydreaming as a Profession?
I’ll be honest, I’m very bad at planning ahead. So it’s no wonder that I’ve no specific plans for the website. I just go with the flow. The poems will definitely keep on coming.
Meanwhile, outside of the website and outside of poetry, I’m working on yet another novel. Maybe I’ll finally make it with this one. And if not… I’ll just write another one.

So there you go folks, that’s Bogdan Dragos for you! 👍😁 A man who’s not afraid to push literary boundaries; challenge our pre-conceptions & morals and is very much “dreaming with his eyes open.” He knows what he wants; where he wants to go & is having fun doing it!

Thanks to Bogdan for agreeing to participate in the Brilliant Blogger Poet initiative and for being so forthcoming with his insightful; humorous & detailed answers. Thanks to you guys also for joining me on my everyday blogging journey and for reading my posts. Mind yourselves; stay creative and take care! 🙏😁


Good afternoon folks! Welcome back to my weekly trip down movie memory lane (last one for 2 weeks) with some more re-views of my old cinema reviews from 2007. This week we will be looking back at crude comedy SUPERBAD; clever thriller: DISTURBIA & superb period drama ATONEMENT

First up is the not so super yet mildly amusing SUPERBAD from the Judd Apatow stable with Greg Mottola at the helm & Seth Rogen co-writing the script with Evan Goldberg. The story centres on 3 nerdy; hormonal teenagers: Seth (Jonah Hill); Evan (Michael Cera) & Fogell (Christopher Mintz – Plasse).

Seth & Evan want to break their duck, so to speak with the ladies before they head off to college. But to do that, they need to get invited to some parties and drink copious amounts of alcohol! And to do that they need some fake I.D. This is where the socially awkward Fogell, otherwise known as McLOVIN comes in. They charge him with purchasing the alcohol they’ve promised to provide for the party they’ve invited to by Jules (Emma Stone)

It all goes down hill from here folks as Fogell gets caught up in a liquor store hold up bringing him into contact with 2 irresponsible cops played by Bill Hader & the aforementioned Rogen. Cue punch ups; drunkenness and all sorts of crazy escapades & debauchery in the lads womanly quest. Everything you’ve come to expect in a Apatow flick.

Next up is the cleverly named & scripted thriller: DISTURBIA directed by D. J. Caruso and starring the busy (at the time) & eccentric Shia LeBeouf who we only reviewed a couple of weeks ago. LeBeouf plays Kale, an angry & grieving young kid who witnessed his father die in a tragic car accident. Julie (Carrie-Ann Moss) is very worried about him. His aggression spills over into the classroom where he punches his Spanish teacher in the face.

This results in him being put grounded for the summer by the judge while having to wear an electronic tag to ensure he doesn’t go beyond the confines of his house. To keep himself entertained, Kale becomes a voyeur, carefully observing the comings & goings of his neighbours, all from his bedroom window. There he lays eyes upon the lovely Ashley (Sarah Roemer) who’s just moved in next door and they quickly become friends.

Along with best friend: Ronnie (Aaron Yoo), the trio form their own stakeouts sessions. As the stakeouts progress they start to suspect something sinister, dare I say it “Disturbing” afoot with one of their neighbours: Mr. Turner (played by the always excellent David Morse). Kale is convinced that the creepy Mr. Turner is a serial killer and with the help of his friends sets out to prove it and solve the crime.

For our final cinematic excursion of the week we visit a lavish country estate set in rural South East England, 1935 where there is lot of making amends to be done. Or should I say “Atonement” which makes for an apt movie title given the storyline. One of it’s residents: Briony (Saoirse Ronan) is an aspiring young writer with a highly developed imagination.

One day Briony witnesses her bored older sister Cecilia (Keira Knightly) stripping off in the company of housekeeper’s son: Robbie Turner (James McEvoy) and diving into the pond to retrieve something. Robbie’s social status would be used against him at a later date. She completely misinterprets the situation, believing something more lewd to be afoot, and turns against Robbie.

This conflict would set in place a series of events that would conspire to pull Cecilia & Robbie apart and from which the later would never fully recover from. He was put in prison for 3 years after which he signed up to serve in WWII with the 2 briefly reunited in between in London. This was despite a change in heart on Briony’s (now played by Ramola Garai) part after a dawning realization of the terrible impact her misjudgement had on the people involved. To assuage her guilt she works as a nurse, kindly caring for the maimed & wounded soldiers off the battlefield. But can she ever fully atone for what she has done?

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