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Seven lines for seven days
Or should I say seven rhymes
One rhyme for each day
One day at a time
Now I’m not sure of the ways
That I can retrace
That I can describe
Why don’t we rewind?!
And examine the ways
That I spent each day
(In the form of rhyme)
Was it bright?
Was it bleak?
Was it a fight
To get through the week?
Or full of the purpose
That i seek?
Monday’s a struggle
To get up out of bed
I just want to smuggle
Another hour of sleep
But the alarm
Pulls me out instead
Tuesday & Wednesday
I’m blown away…
By storm Barra
So, it was a day
Of indoor entertainment
TV and some painting
Mo chara
For the girls and me
Time for some poetry
Compose a new arrangement
Thursday and Friday
It’s back to playschool
So, for a couple of hours at least
Peace & quiet rules
I tend to my blog
With a thought or 2
And we’ve finally got to
The i matter day
Time for some caffeination
Stoke my imagination
Read a book
Take a look
Hang my bag on my shoulder
Put my hat on
As it’s colder
Than it was
Since I first arrived
I want to stick
But the clock
Always contrives
To go by
Too quick
After my break away
We get a takeaway
Soak in a couple of beers
Before tiredness rears
It’s weary head
And lays me out
On the horizontal plain
Till me and Sunday
Greet each other again
It’s the one day
You can slowly ease into
It’d be a sin to
Not took it easy
Even it is
Just for a little bit
Soon the anxiety hits
Impending sense of doom
As the prospect
Of Monday looms
You’re not quite ready
For it yet
So you steady
Prepare the kids
For bed
Put the skids
On your dread
Indulge in some
Tele escapism
For an hour or two
Just to regroup
Before the land of nod
And its a matter of seconds
Before the alarm goes off
Your inner voice scoffs
At the darkness of
Your early morning start
Before you have to depart
From the comfort
Of your slumber
And peace gets torn asunder
By well rested liitle girls
Let’s give this new week a whirl

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