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APATHETIC MISTAKE: Sammi Scribbles Weekly Writing Prompt (Apathy)

For this week’s Sammi Scribbles Weekly Writing Prompt, Sammi has encouraged us to write a poem using the word: APATHY. Below lies my contribution:👇👇👇 Hope ye enjoy the read! 🤞🤞😁😁📖📖


Don’t mistake
My distant;
dreamlike state
For apathy
Don’t misjudge
My detached
Dreary drudg-
Ery. A trap you see
It might seem like
I couldn’t care less
Like I’ve become immune
And there less
In the moment
That’s not me

Should you wish to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link: 👇👇👇


Hey folks! Welcome to my TOP 10 POEMS OF THE YEAR 2022 Blog Post which will showcase the most popular and well received poems of the past year. Poems I didn’t think were great, other people loved and vice versa. But there’s nothing new there. So, without further ado.

1. First up, on 70 views, was an enjoyable piece called RESTRICTED TO CHAOS, an amalgamation of 2 different prompts in Reena’s Xploration Challenge and Moonwashed Weekly Prompt. Here’s the link to it:

2. Next in the popularity stakes was a poem titled: STUCK IN BETWEEN on 63 views & composed in response to a d’Verse Poetics Prompt. Below lies the link:

3. Also with 63 views was a piece called LIGHTENING ROD inspired by a Tanka Tuesday prompt over on Colleen’s WordCraft Poetry page. Here’s the link:

4. This was followed up by a poem titled RELUCTANT BUTTERFLY on 53 views. It was in response to a prompt over on You’ll find the link to it here:

5. Also with 53 views was a piece called Opposite of Light inspired by 2 poetry prompts on Sami Scribbles Weekly Writing Prompt & Ragtag Daily Prompt. Here’s the link to it:

6. On 51 views we had TASTE THE FEAR inspired by a question by oldest daughter asked me a few weeks back. You’ll find the link to it below:

7. I reflected on my Fatherhood in this thoughtful piece called exactly that: Fatherhood (Hovering on the Outskirts) which garnered 49 views. Here’s the link to it:

8. Next up, on 47 views, is another prompt response titled REPLENISHED STAMINA; VISITOR BOUNDARIES

9. Our penultimate poem, a delightfully sinister piece titled BIRDS IN THE ASYLUM, also recewas composed in response to a d’Verse Ekphrastic Poetry Prompt. You’ll find the link to it here:

10. And, wrapping it all up, is another d’Verse prompt response but this time in the form of a Quadrille (44 Word Poem). It’s called “Mis-spelled Yout”. Here’s the link to it:

Other poems deserving an honourable mention include anything I wrote in response to Sadje’s weekly #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompts which I thoroughly enjoy participating in. I encourage any poet who hasn’t had the chance to do 1 of her prompts to get involved. The photos are always creatively stimulating and Sadje herself is tremendously supportive! 😁👍

Well folks, that’s it for my Top 10 POEMS OF THE YEAR 2022. Hope you all enjoyed reading the catch up/review! 🤞😁📖 Will be back with more poems in 2023. Thanks again for all your help; support; encouragement and insights throughout the past year as I continue to write poems and hone my craft! 🙏😁😊❤️


Afternoon folks! I’ve not participated in these prompts before so I decided to give them a whirl! Here’s my contribution to both Sami Scribbles Weekly Writing Prompt who asked us to write a 44 word piece using the word: Opposite and Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday hosted by our friend Punam who challenged us to write something with the word’s “Lights” & “Shadows”. Hope ye enjoy the read! 🙏🤞😁📖


The opposite of light
Is where I inhabit
In the corners of the room
The edges of society
In the shadows
Of others
Is where you’ll find me
Most days
Is where I’m most comfortable
Out of the spotlight
The glare of attention

Should you wish to participate in the prompts you can access them through the following links:

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