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Not back running yet (least not in the New Year) due to sickness. But I did promise a post with a running theme while also wanting to carry on with the New Year/dreams/goals theme of the last few days. It got me thinking what had a title featuring the word “running” and “dream” in it? And it brought to mind 1 of my all time favourite rock songs from the unmistakable Mr. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: “Runnin’ Down A Dream”.


“Yeah, runnin’ down a dream that never would come to me
Workin’ on a mystery, goin’ wherever it leads
Runnin’ down a dream…

Verse 2

I felt so good, like anything was possible…”

It’s that time of year where we chase after our dreams with fresh energy and purpose. Even though it also seems to remains just out of our reach, we follow it all the same wherever it leads us. As it seems like “anything is possible”. And anything is, if you keep plugging away at it! 👍😁

Whether it’s your exciting business idea; get a new job; your promise to finally write that book you’ve always been talking about; that itch to travel the world; build a new house; find love; get back out onto the road or into the gym, we all have those hopes and dreams that won’t go away.

Keep chasing after them folks; keeping running them down with all you’ve got, no matter how difficult; painful; expensive or elusive it may seem. They were put in your heart & mind for a reason, they give you purpose and a reason to get up in the morning. That’s enough to keep anyone running & dreamin’.


For this week’s Ragtag Daily Prompt, I’ve composed a poem comprising of Saturday and Sunday’s prompt titled RESTLESS SOUL; UPROOTED. Hope that ye enjoy the read! 🙏🤞😁📖


Jenny was a travelling soul
A helpless sojourner
Unable to rest
And always on the move
Never putting down roots
Or staying in a particular town
For any meaningful length of time.
Nor forming any friendships
Or intimate attachments
For fear she’d get too settled
And have to uproot her family
Young girl and baby boy
She grew up in an orphanage
Having never knew her own parents
You can’t miss what you never knew,
I suppose.
“They both died in a car crash
While her mum was in labour.”
Or so she’d been told.
This left her without any roots
Or sense of home & place
And a gigantic hole in her heart

One of the few things the nuns
Had taught her however
Was how to plant stuff.
Flowers; trees & plants
Of all shapes; sorts & sizes
Potatoes; carrots; parsnips etc
Which they would then sell to the local farmers market.
All with the hope of teaching the kids to be self sufficient
They all had a home,
A place where they laid down roots; grew and blossomed into what they were meant to be.

Why couldn’t she do the same?
What was she so afraid of?
Jenny knew that
She’d have to settle down eventually.
For the sake of Jesse & Harper at least
It wasn’t fair on them, this constant moving around.
Every couple of weeks, it was somewhere new.
It was exhausting!
They took it in good spirits but you can tell it’s taking it’s toll!
But it was hard to quell
This restless spirit inside her.
This search for adventure
And those itchy feet,
Well they needed to be scratched.

Should you wish to participate in the prompts then you can access them through the following links:

I Like Driving In My Car

I like driving in my car
Some say its “madness” to go this far
I like driving in my car
And travelling by the air
From Brussels into Dublin
And Dublin onto Kildare
Back & forth again
For a medical procedure
And a negative test for Covid 19
Then back to Kildare to recover
I’d be great at being undercover

Before travelling down to Kilkenny
Just before the lockdown be janey!
Then back up to our capital city
For meetings in the European Commission
With minister Robert Troy & the Tánaiste
Where I duly furnished them
With details on the negotiations
With the U.S. but this was no vacation
Next up was a trip to Adare
In County Limerick for a rare
Round of golf, in my Volkswagen
Jaysus, everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon!

I returned to Kilkenny for a few days
Look at that fire I’ve set ablaze
Before a trip up to the West

(Via Kildare again for “essential purpos-es”
Where I neglected to mention
I was stopped by the guards
For using my phone while driving in my car
But I didn’t break the law
To do so would stick in my craw)
For more golf with no dinner or reception
After which I went to Clifden
For the Oireachtas Golf Society Dinner
For which I “unreservedly apologize”
As I genuinely didn’t realise
That we were breaking lockdown restrictions
With more than 50 at one sitting

Then it was back into my car-a
To my residence in Kil-dara
From there I drove to the airport
(While the Irish citizens held court)
For a plane out to Brussels
To flex my political mussels
As I am the European Commissioner
Who likes driving in my car.

Written by Ken Hume

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