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THESE WORDS (They’d Say)

Morning folks! Welcome to THESE WORDS (They’d Say), my latest poetic offering inspired by my 2 week hiatus from blogging recently. Hope that you enjoy reading it! 👌🙏😁

This hesitancy
That has taken residency
Within the fibres of my being
Leaving the things
I desperately want to say
Caught in a thicket of weeds
Strangling the life out of them
Cutting off the blood supply
Of verbal confidence
Doesn’t make any sense
When I’ve the capability
And lyrical mobility
To produce rhymes of beauty
Raw honesty
And unhindered eloquence
Deeply profound
How have I not found?
The same freedom
And authenticity
To calm this maelstrom
Of nervous eccentricity

If all the thoughts in my head
And the expressions on my face
All the yearnings of my heart
Took the form of spoken words,
Laying in wait patiently
Neath the surface of my tongue.
This is what they’d say

They’d say:
“I love you more than words can say.”
They’d say:
“Be patient, the words are on their way.”
They’d say:
Reach out your arms & squeeze those blues away.”
They’d say:
“Forgive me for all my mistakes.”
They’d say a lot of things.
They’d laugh & sing
They’d cry and sting
They’d spread their wings
And fly.

They’d ascend boldly to the top
Irregardless of the drop
They’d dive right in
Without stopping to think
They’d stand on the front lines
Without fear of stepping on land mines
They’d speak the truth
Shoot from the hip
They’d be astute
Not give any lip
They’d comfort
And console
Lay bare
The unexplored
Terrain of my soul

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