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DREADLOCKED INVOCATION: Sadje’s #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt #160

Image credit; Pavel Danilyuk@ Pexels

For the visually challenged reader, Sadje has chosen this image which shows a young man in a pose of supplication, hands together and head bowed in prayer. Below is my contribution: 👇👇


Ear-ring crucifix
Piercing his earlobe
Fashion statement
Or expression of faith
Head bowed &
Hair dread-locked
In earnest invocation
Eyes closed tight
Hands joined together
Demands sincere concentration
Understands that prayers
Aren’t always answered
In the manner we hope
But he does so anyways
Just as his mama taught him

Should you wish to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link:

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