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Hey folks! Here’s a little poem inspired my something my oldest daughter said to me last week about “tasting the fear”. Hope you enjoy the read! 🙏🤞😁📖


Did you taste the fear my love?
Have you savoured life’s uncertainty?
Sank your teeth deep into what frightens you most?!
Or sat down to dinner with all your demons & ghosts?
Broke bread with them
Will you devour your anxiety
Consume it completely
Instead of letting it consume you
Digest on anxiety’s remains
Chew on it with the disdain
It deserves.
Then spit it out
It has no place in your diet
For a fulfilled life
It’ll only leave you
Fat & bloated with regrets
Arteries blocked with distress
Taste the fear
Don’t let it taste you
Otherwise it’ll get a flavour
For your fearfullness
And feast on it regularly.
Don’t be afraid
But if you are
Eat it anyways
Swallow it whole.

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