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GOLDEN BRIDGE; RECTANGLES OF LIGHT: Sadje’s #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt #163

Image credit: Mohamed Almari @ Pexels

For the visually challenged reader, Sadje has provided us with an image which shows a shot of Golden Gate Bridge taken from the shore for our poetic inspiration. There is a dramatic sky in the background. Below lies my contribution 👇👇


The eyes of heaven
Pierce down
Through 2 gaps in the clouds
In rectangles of blue
Smiling upon the majestic
Golden Gate Bridge
(Connecting 2 counties
Whilst hanging in the sky)
Stretching across the Bay
Of San Francisco
In the guise of
Sunlit Amber
Trying to force it’s way through
Lighting up a portion
of the ocean,
The waves there grateful
And basking in it’s glow
With the rest of the sea
Under the cover of
Awaiting the gates of cumulus
To open
And let the full glory
Of the sun
Shine it’s rays upon them
A golden light
For a golden bridge
Connecting the night to day

Should you wish to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link: 👇👇👇


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