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FURRY FASHION ACCESORY: Sadje’s #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt #176

For the visually challenged reader, Sadje has provided us with the image above which shows a man carrying a puppy in a carrier bag across his shoulders. The puppy looks pensive. Here’s my contribution, hope you enjoy the read! 🤞🙏😁📖


“Oh for goodness sake!
Being carried around in a bag again
Like I’m some furry; fashionable accessory!
I look like an idiot!”
“Does he forget that I do have 4 legs?
“That I am able to walk on my own.
Why he persists on carrying me
In this silly bag
When all the other dogs
Are running around free
Barking; peeing; sniffing
Ya know?! The usual stuff.
I’ll never know!”

Should you wish to participate in the prompt then you can access it through the following link below: 👇👇👇


26 thoughts on “FURRY FASHION ACCESORY: Sadje’s #WhatDoYouSee #WDYS Poetry Image Prompt #176

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  1. This is so adorable and relatable! 🐶😂 As a pet owner myself, I can totally see my dog having the same thoughts if I ever tried to carry him around like that. Maybe we should start a trend of matching furry carrier bags for both humans and their pets! #FurryFashionStatement 🐾

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